I positively accept a request of any kinds of music production.

Please feel free to contact me.

I also accept the case like only melody sung by humming or scat to make band-sound, orchestral-sound, techno, or any-style.

I will complete your order until you give OK after having elaborate meeting.

The Overview of Ordering process

1. Please contact by e-mail:

My mail address is: udomusic111@gmail.com

2. Meeting:

We will have meeting by means that you prefer such as e-mail, Skype. Then I will interview your specific request, purpose, direction of the music, and decide a fee.

3. Listening rough version then confirming the direction:

When approximately 70% of the music is completed, I will have you confirm if the rough version is in right direction or not.

4. Revision:

If you request revision, I will deal with it as much as possible. However, I may ask the additional charge, if you request too many revision or the quantity of the correction is enormous.

5. Confirming your OK and payment:

When I confirm your OK, then I will ask payment. I accept your payment by Paypal only. If you don’t know how to pay by Paypal, I will kindly guide you by e-mail.

6. Delivery your product:

As soon as I confirm your payment, I will deliver your product by file delivery service such as Drop-Box in the format that you request. (ex. wav, mp3)

About a fee

An ordering fee is case by case. Approximately:


After proper agreement, I will ask you to pay the amount of fee by Paypal. You will be paying in the currency of Japanese Yen.

Thank you.