Udo Yoshikatsu

Composer, Arranger, Producer

He started electric guitar at his age of 14 and have been playing for more than 25 years. He had lesson for classical composition and counter-point for 3 years with Professor Yamada Noriyuki. He had lesson for Jazz Theory with Robert Zung.

In 1998, he graduated Berklee College of Music in Boston MA.

He started free-lancing in New York City. He had composed some opening jingle for ABC radio program which is hosted by famous record producer Jimmy Wisner. He also produced some CDs for a pop singer and a pianist.

In 2003, he moved to Japan and continued free-lancing. He made KARAOKE for major company more than 500 tunes.

In 2008, he was hired from a major game company in Japan as a composer, sound designer. He had composed in-game music for very famous game in the world. He also performed guitar for some game music. He had worked for the company for 9 years.

Now he reside in Japan and is free-lancing.